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Art and Design is about expressing ideas through a wide range of media from pencil and paint to clay and textiles. The coursework projects enable students to develop highly personal artwork. Students will have opportunities to develop ideas, research and experiment as their practical skills develop with more confidence and independence.




KS3 pupils have 1 Double (1hr) of Art and Design per week

Year 8

In year 8 the scheme of work has been drawn up to give pupils an introduction to the visually exciting and challenging world of Art and Design. The individual projects are designed to stimulate creativity and to develop pupils artistic skills. In year 8 pupils have the opportunity to develop drawing and painting skills, to explore textiles, clay  to learn about the work of other artists, craftsperson and designers.


Year 9

Projects for this year group have been designed to build upon the areas of Art & Design introduced in Year 8

In year 9 Pupils will learn how to create 3D forms, they will complete ICT tasks with their design project, pupils will develop their skills within drawing and painting. They will learn about artists and the artwork that could inspire their own work.


Year 10

In the course of this year pupils are encouraged to respond to projects and activities in a personal way.  This course of work has also been designed to give pupils an opportunity to explore GCSE type projects.  

In year 10 pupils are encouraged;

  • to use their creativity to meet the demands of a design project.
  • to respond in a personal and imaginative way.


In year 11 and 12 pupils are encouraged to develop their individual strengths and interests in Art and Design. Pupils are given expert tuition and guidance in their coursework and examination work.

Pupils for the examination must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Part One - Core Portfolio, 60%.
  • Part Two - Externally Set Assignment, 40%.

GCSE pupils have 2 Double and 1 Single period of Art and Design per week.

For more information on the CCEA Art and Design Specification click on the link below:


At this level students will be expected to respond creatively to ideas, themes and subjects.  They will be expected to analyse ideas, research and appreciate the work of artists and designers and to communicate effectively.  Students will be able to choose which areas of Art and Design they wish to focus on.

The AS is the first part of the full A-Level course.

The Art and Design Externally Set Assignment (ESA) is issued at the start of February ensuring that it will be completed by May, which will allow pupils to focus on their other subjects.

Method of Assessment AS and A-Level

All assignments will be presented for assessment by the teacher and they will be moderated by an external moderator.  A project consists of preparatory studies and a final piece.


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