Members of Department:

Mrs P. Murphy (Head of Department)

Miss R. Mallon

Miss G. Mc Namara

Miss R. Pearson

Miss M. O’Donnell

Miss S. Oguz

Mr J. Campbell

Mrs S. Hughes – Technician

Mrs C. Kelly – Technician


Students cover aspects of the three Sciences – Biology, Chemistry and Physics, over the three years of KS3.

 Year 8

The topics taught are:

  • Starting Science
  • Life
  • Body Systems & Cells
  • Forces & Energy
  • Acids & Alkalis
  • Solids, Liquids & Gases
  • Environment

 Year 9

The topics taught are:

  • Earth & Space
  • Elements, Compounds & Mixtures
  • Sound & Light
  • Materials & the Reactivity Series
  • Magnetism & Electricity
  • Breathing & Respiration#
  • Digestion, Reproduction & Variation

 Year 10

The topics taught are:

  • Circulation
  • Plants & Photosynthesis
  • Periodic Table & Chemical Reactions
  • Heat Transfer
  • Forces



Double Award Science : CCEA Exam Board
Biology, Chemistry and Physics are covered separately, with module exams in each subject in Yr 11. Coursework and terminal papers in each subject are completed in Yr 12. There are 2 GCSE grades awarded for the course. It is offered at higher and foundation tier. To study any of the Sciences at A-Level, it is essential that the GCSE double award course is studied at higher tier.

Year 11

Biology Unit 1: Living Processes & Biodiversity

Chemistry Unit 1: Structures, Trends & Chemical Reactions

Physics Unit 1: Force & Motion, Energy, Moments & Radioactivity 


Year 12

Biology Unit 2: Body Systems, Genetics, Microorganisms & Health

Chemistry Unit 2: Further Chemical Reactions & Organic Chemistry

Physics Unit 2: Waves, Sound & Light, Electricity and the Earth & Universe

Practical Skills Unit


Single Award Science : CCEA Exam Board
Biology, Chemistry and Physics are examined in this course, with modules in each subject completed over the two year course. Coursework is also completed in Yr 12.

One GCSE grade is awarded for the course and it is offered at higher and foundation tier.

Unit 1: Biology Section A: Staying Alive Section B: Human Activity and Health
Unit 2: Chemistry Section A: Chemical Patterns and Our Environment Section B: Materials and Their Management
Unit 3: Physics Section A: Electricity, Waves and Communication Section B: Fossil Fuels, Road Transport and Safety, Radioactivity, and Earth in Space
Unit 4: Practical Skills





AS    A2

AS1: Molecules & Cells

AS2: Organisms and Biodiversity

AS3: Assessment of Practical Skills in AS Biology


A2 1: Physiology and Ecosystems

A2 2: Biochemistry, Genetics and Evolutionary Trends

A2 3: Assessment of Investigational & Practical Skills in Biology



AS    A2

AS1: Basic Concepts in Physical and Inorganic Chemistry

AS2: Basic Concepts in Physical and Inorganic Chemistry

AS3: Internal Assessment


A2 1: Periodic Trends & Further Organic, Physical & Inorganic Chemistry

A2 2: Analytical, Transition Metals, Electrochemistry & Further Organic Chemistry

A2 3: Internal Assessment

AS    A2

AS1: Forces, Energy & Electricity

AS2: Waves, Photons & Medical Physics

AS3: Practical Techniques


A2 1: Momentum, Thermal Physics, Circular Motion, Oscillations & Atomic & Nuclear Physics

A2 2: Fields & their Applications

A2 3: Practical Techniques





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