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Year 14 Leavers Candle Ceremony

Our Year 14 held a Leavers' Candle Ceremony. Fr O'Dwyer blessed the candles and Mr Lavery distributed the candles to the Year 14 students. The candles are a spiritual reminder to put our trust in God.

Mrs Owens asked the students to consider their journey through St Ciaran’s College.

A journey which could be considered like a train journey – with each year bringing them to a new destination. As they continue on their life’s journey, Mrs Owens encouraged them to seek their potential.

Mrs Owens said that they will no doubt have numerous stops along the way - a journey where they may experience highs and lows – but what is important will undoubtedly be the positive memories which they leave for their friends and for staff as they continue onto their next destination.

Mrs Owens wished the students success, health and happiness on their life’s journey but most importantly she encouraged them to be the best they can be – to live life, to work hard, to share their talents with others, to support those who are less fortunate than themselves and to continue to lead along the way.


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