Members of Department

Mrs B. Cleary  (Head of Department)

Mr B. Rodgers

Mrs M. Kerr

Mrs F. McGirr

Mrs M. Owens

World History Class

Key Stage 3

Pupils in each year group develop their knowledge and understanding of the past through the development of source analysis skills. There is also a strong focus on Citizenship in Key Stage 3, which is embedded into the curriculum.

Year 8

Pupils complete an introduction to History in which they are introduced to key concepts and historical skills. Pupils then carry out a detailed study of Norman Ireland. The year finishes with the Black Death.

Year 9

Pupils carry out major investigations into the Ulster Plantations and the Great Famine in Ireland.

Year 10

The twentieth century is the focus of Year 10. Pupils research key events and then carry out an in-depth study of the Holocaust. This is followed by a study of the causes of the partition of Ireland which leads on to Ireland since partition.


Key Stage 4

  • Pupils are prepared for the CCEA GCSE examination.

  • In Year 11, pupils study Germany 1933-1945 and N. Ireland 1965-1998. These topics are then assessed in GCSE Paper I at the end of Year 11.This is worth 60% of the overall GCSE.

  • In Year 12, pupils study International Relations 1945-2003. This is assessed in an examination at the end of Year 12, worth 40% of the overall GCSE.

Key Stage 5

  • AS History in Year 13 is worth 50% of the A-level. Pupils study two modules. This includes Germany 1918-45 and Italy 1914-43. Both are assessed in examinations at the end of Year 13. Both modules are worth 50% of the AS grade.

  • In Year 14, pupils study two modules. This includes Unionism and Nationalism in Ireland, 1800-1900. This is worth 20% of the overall A-level. They also study The Partition of Ireland, 1900-25. This is worth 30% of the overall grade.