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- Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meetings 2022-2023

Dates for Parent Teacher meetings are being revised on an ad hoc basis due to ongoing industrial action.

Revised dates will be updated here as and when they are scheduled.

* indicates a revised date


Year 12*

Friday 30th September 2022

Year 14

Friday 30th September 2022

Year 11*

Friday 20th January 2023

Year 8 & 9*

Wednesday 5th April 2023 (in school)

Year 13*

Monday 20th February 2023

Year 10*

Thursday 16th March 2023 (in school)    



Information about the Parent Teacher Meeting will be sent to Parents prior to the meeting via the school app.

School Cloud may be used as our online method of delivery for the Parent Teacher meeting in lieu of a face to face.  Information on logging on and booking meetings with teachers will be sent in advance of the meeting.

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