- Post 16 Enrichment

Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training

Post 16 students take part in an interactive Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training Programme, organised and delivered by Mrs. Owens and Mr. Rodgers.  The aim of the training programme is to develop confidence in the students to feel more confident in challenging bullying behaviours, be equipped with several strategies responding to low-level bullying behaviour and understand the need to, and mechanisms for, reporting bullying concerns to appropriate school staff.


QUB Transitional Skills Training Programme

The QUB Transitional Skills Training Programme is offered to Post 16 students.  The Library at QUB has developed the Transitional Skills Online Training Programme to assist students making the transition from school to HE. Aimed at Post-16 students, the content is of relevance to those embarking on HE but the skills are transferrable and of value to those choosing to enter the working environment too. 

There are five components including Academic Expectations followed by four modules:  Undertaking Research Literature, Searching the Web, Plagiarism and Referencing, Social Media and Email Etiquette. 


Ulster University – Schools Outreach Academy

The Ulster University Outreach Academy’s online programme is designed to raise aspirations, widen participation and increase attainment across the post primary sectors. There are lots of subject specific courses, so-designed by Educational Outreach Officers and Academies across all four of their University faculties.  

All courses help our students understand the different disciplines they could eventually study at Ulster University.  All courses are self-paced.  Each course finishes with an end of course quiz.  On successful completion of their quiz, our students receive an Ulster University Course Completion Certificate for each module undertaken.


Paired Reading Programme

Our Paired Reading Programme is organised in conjunction with the Mid Ulster Community Planning Schools Together Initiative and facilitated by Learn Spark (Training and Facilitation Programmes for Education, Charities and Business).  Paired Reading is when pupils (mentors) work with other pupils (mentees) to help improve their reading and understanding of what is being read.  The aim of the programme is to increase the mentees' interest and ability to read for enjoyment and to gain better access to their subjects across the curriculum, improving outcomes.  Our students volunteer to take part in this valuable and rewarding programme and they continue the excellent practice within our school - Students Supporting Students.


Physical Education Programme

A key theme of our new Sixth Form Physical Education enrichment programme is developing independence, positive relationships, teamwork skills and self confidence in our students and increasing numbers of our students are involved in projects where they play a lead role which we feel as a school is crucial for the pupils physical, emotional, and social well-being. During this enrichment programme, the students have undertaken team sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, Dodgeball and many more. As modules within the enrichment programme focus on PE, and Mental Health ambassador training, students had the opportunity to listen and engage with guest speaker and local business owner, Pauric Grimes. Pauric is a well-established fitness coach, and not only is he a past pupil of St. Ciaran’s but owner of “Level Up- Home of coaching” based locally in Augher.   Our students have embraced this enrichment experience and thoroughly enjoyed having a successful local business owner speak with them.


St. Ciaran’s College Business Programme


The St. Ciaran's Business Programme, within the enrichment programme, helps the students develop real-life skills they need for the future.  Through the St. Ciaran's Business Programme, the students improve upon valuable skills, such as collaboration and teamwork; planning; collecting and analysing data; promotion, production, and sales. The students have the opportunity to use their creativity to construct their own unique business proposal and carry out research to determine the viability of their product/service. The students have the responsibility of sourcing the finance for their project, setting a profitably price and keeping account of their financial records. The St. Ciaran's Business Programme develops students' leadership skills, embraces their competitive side and enables the students to build confidence, self-reliance and a determination to succeed.


Bloom Training

Delivered through scenario-based discussion and relatable topics, such as ‘social pressures’ and ‘exam stress’, Bloom leaves our students with a better understanding of mental health in themselves and others. They will also possess a suite of tools they can deploy in ways which are right for their own mental health both now and in the future. Topics covered include:  Resilience, Exam pressure, Social pressures and Managing stress.



Financial Capability Workshops – Your Money Matters

The aim of these workshops is to help the students on their journey towards financial literacy. The workshops consider money choices which can affect them on a daily basis and as they move into independence the decisions grow, whether that be going to University, apprenticeships or indeed the world of work. Topics covered include: Savings, Budgeting, Making Informed Choices, Moving on from school to the world of work, Identity theft, and online security.