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Congratulations to our two teams who made it to the final of the ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre. Not only did they make it to the final, both teams won their category award as well!


Enviro Power-Charge 365’, by Nicole Reid and Eabha Trainor, was the winner of the ‘Junior Energy’ category. Thet created a system that can use natural resources such as rain, wind and solar power to gather enough power to charge a phone.

A Smart & Sustainable Irrigation System’, by Fionn McCaughey and James McGinley, was the winner of the junior ‘Eco-Innovation’ category. The team created an automatic plant watering system that detects when plants need watering, to enable those with busy lives or poor mobility to keep plants.

Both groups were congratulated by their teacher, Miss Teague.


See some highlights from the day here:


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