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Andorra Ski Trip

January 2023 saw 44 pupils and 4 lucky teachers enjoyed a week of fantastic skiing in Andorra in the beautiful Pyrenees mountains. Our first school ski trip since prior to the pandemic. After a long journey, the group arrived at the hotel (very early in the morning) in high spirits knowing their first day skiing was only a few hours away.

An early wake up for breakfast, followed by a short bus and (longer) gondola journey up the mountains to get kitted out with boots and skis was on the agenda for both the students and staff!

Those who had skied before took the time to help the first timers with boots, poles and ski carrying. Pupils divided themselves into different groups; in all there were 5. Some staff felt the need not to join a group, given their previous experience, but some did, knowing a recap of skills was important!

Day 1 began the hilarious task of learning to master turning and stopping. It soon became apparent that some picked it up more than others but each group members showed great patience and compassion towards each other when things got tricky (and they didn’t even laugh too hard as they all stylishly followed each other down the slope in a uniform line as I some veered off out of control!

Over the week the progress made by all groups was clearly evident! There were many thrills and spills, a few tree ski lift/chair incidents, but all in all students had a great time and returned to the hotel back each day buzzing from the experience.

Across the busy days skiing students took part in evening activities such as shopping, bowling and a disco and of course the award ceremony where all students were presented with a certificate personally signed by their ski instructor.

The whole trip was full of personal successes, enjoyment, determination, and great memories. All students did themselves, their families and the school proud throughout the week - a sentiment noted by everyone who came into contact with them during our time away.

As always, a massive thank you is extended to all the students and their families for their continued support of the school annual ski trip!

More images can be seen in our gallery page.


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