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Ash Wednesday

On Wednesday 22nd February we marked Ash Wednesday as a school community. Thank you to Fr O'Dwyer for being our celebrant, and to the RE department for their organisation of this important service.

Our Lenten prayer, Day by Day

Today, Lord, I choose life,

I choose Your love and the challenge to live it and share it,

I choose hope, even in moments of darkness,

I choose faith, accepting you as Lord and God,

I choose to let go of my burdens, day by day handing them over to You,

I choose to take hold of Your strength and power ever more deeply in my life.

I choose to pray, I choose to fast and I choose to give alms.

May this truly be for me a time of new life, of change, challenge and growth.

May I come to Easter with a new heart that is open to loving You, dying with You

and rising with You, day by day. Amen.


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