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- School Holidays

Staff Days/Bank Holidays 2023-24*

Term 1

August 2023

Thursday 24th August to Wednesday 30th August

Staff Development Days

Monday 28th August     

Bank Holiday

September 2023

Friday 22nd September

Staff Training 1

Term 2

January 2024

Friday 5th January

Staff Training 2

Friday 19th January

Staff Training 3

February 2024

Monday 19th February

Staff Training 4

March 2024

Thursday 28th March

Staff Training 5

Term 3

May 2024

Monday 6th May 

Bank Holiday

Monday 27th May   

Bank Holiday

*These days may be changed to meet staff training needs

Pupil Holidays 2023-24

Term 1

Thursday 31st August

Year 8s & Parent Induction

Friday 1st September

School Open for Years 8, 11 & 13

Monday 4th September 

School Open for Years 10, 12 & 14

Tuesday 5th September 

School Open for all Pupils

Mon 30th October– Fri 3rd November 2023 Incl

Halloween Mid-Tem Break

Fri 22nd December 2023 – Thurs 4th January 2024 Incl

Christmas Holidays

Term 2

Wed 14th February – Fri 16th February 2024 Incl

February Mid-Term Break

Mon 18th March 2024

St Patrick's Day

Fri 29th March – Fri 5th April 2024 Incl

Easter Holidays

Term 3

Fri 28th June 2024

School Closes for Summer Holidays

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